Every year I say that by the end of the year I will be clutter free. The first time I announced this (about three years ago), I failed miserably. I think my clutter doubled! The next year I got rid of some stuff but brought in other clutter, like organizing things and crafty things to make the organizing things pretty. Last year, beautiful sweet 2015, I finally made great strides in decluttering. I worked the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge (thought I lost count so I don’t know if I actually finished). I rocked 10 minutes mini-sessions. I even worked on the habit of not bringing stuff back in.

But 2016 is going to be my year. I will finally complete the declutter process AND end my year without bringing in any further clutter! I’m using both a room-by-room and project-by-project method. Here’s my plan:


Living Room/Dining Room

Living Room

My living/dining room bore the brunt of my decluttering in 2016 so it’s mostly complete already. The clutter zones of the living room/dining room include:

  • Large bookcase
  • Sewing area
  • “Entertainment” area

Hallway Closet

The Hallway Closet is mostly for storing Josh’s baseball cards. I won’t touch them. I wouldn’t dare. However, I also store the vacuum cleaner, carpet shampooer, and brooms there as well as some large artwork, the leaves to my dining table, and a shelf full of random crap. Mostly total crap. I hope to get rid of at least 75% of the stuff in that closet (again NOT counting the baseball cards … he might divorce me over that!)

Hallway Closet


I’ve also done the vast majority of the decluttering in here, but I still have areas of clutter, like the massive amount of Military Ball glassware I own, my random silverware drawer, and the storeables (too many, mismatched, and still plastic). I also need to address what once was the butcher cart area for storage … more on that later.

Half Bathroom

I hate to even add this room because there’s almost no clutter in here, but it does need a simple makeover. Super simple.

Master Bedroom/Closet

My bedroom is the only room in the house that has never been completely decorated or gotten new furniture. It’s kind of a hodgepodge mess. I’d like to not only organize this room but while I’m at make it more comfortable for us as well. The main clutter areas are under the bed (bins of keepsake crap), Josh’s dresser (on top and inside), and the closet (just needs to be sorted a little and organized a lot).

Master Bathroom

As with the Master Bedroom, this room needs some love. It needs a small amount of organizing and a lot of colorful love.

Family Room

Major clutter areas include my side table, Josh’s whole side table corner, the coat hanger, the entertainment center, the computer area, and the printer/laundry center. Plus Alli has her own table space that just isn’t working for me anymore.

Family Room

And last but not least …

The Garage


A portion of everything I’ve decluttered in the last year still resides in this garage including a sectional sofa we moved out nearly a year ago. It’s a mess. The major zones include the yard tools, the house tools (see below), holiday totes, tall storage shelves, and of course the Goodwill/city dump/recycling piles.


Photo Books

Sigh … my photo albums are shameful. This project has already begun and will definitely take all.year.long. The plan:

  • Organize all my digital photos on my external hard drive
  • Transfer them year by year into sleek, beautiful 8.5×11 photo books
  • Have all the older photos scanned year by year
  • Transfer them into photo books as well
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Create photo book baby books for each of the girls


For two not-terribly-handy people, Josh and I have amassed a large, odd assortment of tools and gadgets which are mostly all stored in one old, never worked very well tool bench. The Plan:

  • Sort tools. Keep the best of ’em; Craigslist the rest of ’em.
  • Sell/giveaway the bench and replace it.

The tools are a part of the garage, but while most of the garage could be sorted in one day and hauled off in another, the tools will take more time.

Camping Gear

We are what a friend of mine deemed “soft campers.” I like camping, but I also like running water, fire rings, showers, and nearby parking. We have an assortment of camping supplies but not always the right supplies. I want to organize what’s working and ditch the rest. <– That’s The (super well thought out) Plan.

Our Camping Gear is in the garage as well, but just like the tools, this will be treated like a totally separate task.

So there’s my plan. As the year progresses, I will one-line and link project posts here to keep track of my progress!