Simple Tricks

Organize Your Keys

Okay this is almost a no-brainer, but I’m going there. What does your key ring look like? How many keys do you carry around on a daily basis? How many of those store loyalty tags do you have attached? How many funky, quirky key chains do you own?

This was my key ring.

My Key Ring

Until yesterday.

I was waiting to pick up a prescription, and as I sat my keys on the counter I realized something. I never use those store loyalty discount tags. Never. Pretty much every tag has my phone number attached to the account so I can simply key my number in at the checkout and get all the same discounts and privileges.

So why are they still cluttering up my key chain?

Well, guess what? They aren’t now. I immediately looked through them, took them off my ring, and tossed them in the trash. No, I didn’t wait to shred them. If someone chooses to steal them, scan my Panera card, and get my free cookie, well, maybe they just need a cookie more than me.

It took me more time to “stage” that photo than it did to finish the project, and that’s okay. Not every simplifying/decluttering project will be time consuming and life changing. Some of them, like this key ring, will be simple and seemingly insignificant, but I know the number of times I’ve looked at those tags and thought of how little purpose they served. I also know I’ll never do that again. Time saved. One less annoying thought.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

One last thing … do I need that Maui 5k key chain on my ring? Nope, but it brings back good memories of the best vacation I ever took, and it reminds me that if I can finish a 5k, I can do hard things. It’s a keeper.


Soo ... what do YOU think?

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