Simple Foods

Simplicity in the Kitchen (or In My Belly. Whatever.)

Simplicity for me doesn’t just mean clear counters and empty shelf space. Those things are nice, wonderful actually, but I’m looking to simplify much more than just my closets. The closet is a good jumping off point, but there are bigger, much more important parts of my life that are in chaos and basically ruining my “simpler season” mojo.

Case in point: My Health.

I chose focusing on my health as my number one priority in 2016. Why? Because at nearly 39 years old (am I pushing 40 yet?), I find myself overweight, out of shape, and with a list of medical issues that need to be attended to. Some are big … like the high blood pressure for which I’ve been taking two pills a day for a year and a half; some are small … I haven’t bought new glasses in about five years, and I have a cavity that needs attention. All need to be taken care of this year.

I’m trying lots of new things.

  • A workout plan that will build me up from 2 days a week to eventually 6 and help me choose what type of exercise works best for me.
  • A schedule of doctor’s appointments for the year that doesn’t give me any excuse to procrastinate anymore.
  • An easy reward system for drinking plenty of water.

I’m working on it. Slowly but surely, a bit at time.

I also know I need to work on my diet. My favorite foods are potato chips, cheese dip, and beef jerky all washed down with a cold glass of Pepsi, and these choices are a large part of why I’m in this sad physical condition. I need to eat better. I know I need to eat better. But I’ve failed at diets so many times in the past, I just can’t stomach another restrictive, salad-heavy menu!

Instead, this time I’m trying something different. This time I’m ADDING foods, healthy foods, instead of taking them away. We are trying out one or two new recipes every week and adding the best ones to our rotation of meals. Each recipe has to meet 3 criteria.

More veggies than anything else.

I get plenty of protein and carbs. I need more veggies in my life!

Low in processed ingredients.

Meat, vegetables, broth or stock and spices. Done. We do still eat pasta and rice, but I’m working on a better balance.

Easy and quick for ME to cook.

This is important. The less ingredients the better. Under 30 minutes in the kitchen. The fewer pots and pans the better.

Healthy, real, and simple to prepare. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

A perfect example is this recipe for Farmstand One Pot Wonder from Bless This Mess. It calls for potatoes, onions, corn, and green beans plus ham, broth, and a little salt. It was delicious! It’s so hearty I was super full after one bowl and super glad when there was enough leftover for the next day’s lunch!

I love everything about this recipe!

  • It’s mostly veggies, and I think you could swap out the green beans for asparagus or even peppers.
  • I used a package of cubed ham this time, but it would be a great way to use leftover ham in the future.
  • It cooked all in one pot so besides the cutting board and knife and our dinner dishes, clean up was a breeze!

Farmstand One Pot Wonder is definitely going into our meal plan rotation! As I come across and loooove other recipes, I’ll share them here as well!


Soo ... what do YOU think?

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