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It All Started in My Closet

My “real” journey to a simpler season began in my closet. Well, it really started on Pinterest where I kept seeing pins about “capsule wardrobes.” As soon as I read the first blog post, I was hooked. I liked the idea of clearing out my closets, and I loooooved (though was unsure of) the idea of paring down to just the clothes you absolutely love.

But I had questions. I wear jeans and t-shirts most days. What’s not to love? And what about clothes I only wear once or twice a year but can’t really afford to throw out like ball gowns or cocktail dresses? And also I stink at picking out clothes for myself. How would getting rid of clothes help me dress better? I had concerns, but I’d read enough good reviews that I was convinced to give it a try.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I am not a clothes junky, but I was shocked when I moved all my clothes to my bed. There were tops with tags still on them (cute but not sure how or where to wear them), pants I’ve owned and worn far past their elasticity, and more than a few pieces that fit into the “if-I-get-skinny-again” category.

Gone. Gone. All gone.

Then I sorted through everything again. Tried it all on. Tossed anything that didn’t fit or just didn’t look very nice. I hung the few remaining items up in my closet, and let me just tell you they were few. I knew I’d need to buy some new things, but still … looking in my closet, I felt peace.

I love that top.

Those jeans are so comfortable.

I feel good in that maxi skirt.

I knew immediately that this would be a very good change for me.

I’ve been living with my capsule wardrobe for about four months, and I know I’ll never go back. When I first jumped on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon, I thought the point was simply to have a neater, more organized closet. Instead I’ve found that it’s changed the way I look at getting dressed!

I almost* never say, “I have nothing to wear,” anymore. Every morning when I slide open my closet doors, I see only tops, pants, and skirts that I love, that are comfortable, and that fit me right now. Getting dressed is a breeze because no matter what I put on, I already love it.

I did recently whine to my husband that I didn’t have anything to wear to a special holiday party. It was true. I had nothing at the “casual but special” level in my wardrobe. So I went  shopping. I bought an outfit. It was simple, and now I have a new great pair of pants (that can go from casual to the office) and a sparkly top that I really like.

I don’t mind clothes shopping anymore. I used to hate shopping. HATE it. Now because I only have a limited number of pieces in my closet, I don’t feel guilty for buying something new. I know that I’m not buying a duplicate, and I know what will or won’t work with my wardrobe because I know exactly what I own. I still don’t enjoy shopping like some people do, but I don’t dread it like I used to.

I spend a lot less time on laundry. I can wash everything I own in two loads. I wash clothes once a week, in not time flat at that, and get a complete reset on my wardrobe.

I really DON’T care if “someone has already seen me wear that.” Because I love everything in my closet, I always feel confident in what I’m wearing. When I feel confident about myself, I worry MUCH LESS about what others are thinking of me. 

I’m very protective of my closet and don’t let in “meh” items. Before when I needed something new, I often bought whatever “kind of worked” which left me with a closet full of clothing that made me feel “meh.” Not anymore. Recently when I was looking for that special holiday outfit, I bought a pair of dark jeans and a top. When I got them home, I realized the pants would need to be hemmed and that the top was just okay. I debated for about one minute before I decided to return them all the next day. I don’t want “meh” in my closet anymore. (Plus I found that other great outfit on the second trip!)

It sounds a little crazy to say a capsule wardrobe has changed my life, but in many ways it really has! Getting dressed and choosing clothes used to be a huge negative area in my life, and lightening that load has definitely made my life better. Also I’ve begun using the same “less is more” principles in other areas of my life which has brought me even more peace! Building a capsule wardrobe has helped me see that there is a lot of clutter, both physical and mental, in my life, and that taking the steps “organize” it all is making me a happier person!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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